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Eufora International, the professional hair care brand, is launching their new Scentsory range of well-beauty products in the UK. Complete with candles, essential oil blends and air mists, the range provides the ultimate in-salon wellness experience for clients and professionals - ready to start the year with a positive attitude and a sense of ultimate wellbeing.

Created in America by Eufora founder Beth Bewley, the Scentsory range utilises the essence of the plant’s fragrance, to work in balance with the individual’s senses. Designed to create an exceptional experience, each candle, oil blend and air mist infuses the air with mood-enhancing perfumes to impact positively on an individual’s mood, stress-levels and memory.

Debbie Digby, Founder of Passion4Hair and UK distributor of Eufora said,

This is an incredibly exciting range of products for professional and at-home use. Created in seven distinct and impactful fragrance combinations, the Scentsory range can improve your mood, de-stress your thoughts and sharpen your memory - all of which can present themselves in the winter months, as sunlight and vitamin D levels decrease. So, if you and your clients are looking for a little light relief in the new year, this is the wellness range for you. I absolutely love Eufora for getting it absolutely right, every time.


The Eufora BeChill, InLove and InSpire Essential Oil Candles are masterfully crafted to conjure up their corresponding mood. They feature pure essential oil blends and are perfectly balanced in a natural wax composition of coconut and soy. Their cotton wicks ensure a clean, fragrant burn for up to 50 hours.

Pure Essential Oil Blends

The oils come in five blends - UnWind, DeStress, UpLift, ReNew and InLove, and are designed for diffusing into the air for an aroma-therapeutic experience. Each oil can be added to Eurfora’s base oil, MixIt, which provides a safe, non-irritating method for enjoying the Pure Essential Oil Blends on the skin. Made from natural cold pressed, unrefined oils of avocado, sesame, sweet almond, safflower and Vitamin E, MixIt can blended with any essential oil and used for massage or other add-on services and is also ideal for creating an in-home body spa experience.

To ensure the full effect of the Essential Oils is felt in-salon, the Eufora Essential Oil Diffuser is intended to scent even the largest of spaces. The diffuser includes an automatic shut-off feature and an optional LED light show. Diffusing essential oils is a great alternative to chemical air fresheners, as it acts as both a dehumidifier and air freshener.

Essential Oil Air Mists

Created in two scents, ReNew and BeChill, the Mists are perfect to freshen up any space and can instantly manifest your desired mood when there is no diffuser in sight.

Eufora products are distributed in the UK by Passion4Hair. For further details please visit For local stockist of the Air Mist (£19.99), Candles (£39.99), Essential Oil Blends (£24) and Essential Oil Diffuser (£78) call Passion4Hair on 0845 652 2809.

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