Hair Knows No Seasons

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Inclusivity and diversity in beauty are driving more flexible colour palettes for hair that is not linked to a specific season.

We are inspired by earth colour tones that intertwine with the colours of the sunset: browns with dusty, autumnal hues blending with the velvet richness of coppers and blueberry violets.

DEEP VIOLETS: Purity and Essentiality

Unique hues with the most intense violet-blue tones, ideal for creating new looks and giving movement to even the darkest bases for that extra zest.

Technical Tips
  • When working on natural hair (depth 5 or 6), use a 1:1.5 mixture with 10 Vol. Peroxide for maximum tonal fidelity.
  • To enhance the intensity of the tonal reflection on dark bases, lighten to a level 10 and apply the colour using the mixing ratio 1:1.5 with 10 Vol. Peroxide.
LUXURY COPPER: Body and Radiant Shine

Not only does this colour embody all the facets and radiance of copper with added intensity, but also proffers an exciting variety of uses; it is truly a ‘premium’ colour. Experience its beauty as: a colour, to achieve super-intense copper results; an intensifier to enrich the Copper tones (.4/.43) and Gold (.3) series; a shade creator to create new shades when mixed with the creative series colours.

Technical Tips
  • If used as an Intensifier or Shades Creator, a minimum mixing ratio of 1:5 is recommended (10 g 8.44+ with 50 g of the chosen shade).

A perfect fusion of the coolest, powdery shades encapsulated in a brand-new mix of browns ideal for obtaining ultra-natural results without unwanted warm tones on bases 4 to 6; to create ultra-cool tones, with a matte-ash effect, on lighter bases.

Technical Tips
  • On natural hair, 7.17 is ideal for dark bases (3 or 4) and 9.17 for medium brown bases (5 or 6).
  • When toning with 5 Vol. Peroxide and Tone-on-Tone Creator, these shades are ideal for neutralising red/orange and orange/yellow melanin residues.
TAKE your time…

The race is on - the frantic pace of life along with the beauty desires of “fast” customers who clamour for professionalism despite their determined pursuit of quick treatments.

Now that our lives have been turned upside down, time is even more precious; not only for clients but also for the hairstylist and the opportunity to optimize their workday.

Therefore, Yellow has developed a new superhero that can support hairstylists through the challenges of this new normal and in performing “fast” colour appointments.

A supersonic additive that accelerates colour development without altering the result. These magic drops, added to Yellow permanent Colour, half the lightening and processing times of the colour, safely and reliably.

When to use Color Speed up?
  • Whenever it is needed, either by you or by the client, for the same colour service in less time (maybe, during a lunch break or the last appointment of the day).
  • In combination with time-consuming services, such as smoothing services (1,5-3 hours), if the client’s roots need a touch-up before the treatment; but, generally, to reduce the time spent in the salon.
Speed and protection: The perfect combo!

In addition to accelerating the colorants’ penetration into the hair, the formula’s special composition – which is enriched with two natural ingredients that protect the hair and help restore the F-layer - is also gentle on the fibre of the hair.

  • Magnolia: Its antioxidant properties counter harmful reactions triggered by free radicals in the hair and protect it from colour fade caused by exposure to UV rays.
  • White Radish Seeds: The lipidic composition of this extract, which is very similar to that of the hair’s natural F-layer, helps protect against colour fade caused by repeated washing while still preserving the shine and combability.
  • Yellow Colour tubes are made with 100% recycled post-industrial aluminium to reduce carbon emissions.
  • To limit paper consumption, the boxes are made with 90% recycled paper and the information leaflet has been replaced with a QR code.

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