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It is time to celebrate the post-lockdown salon experience, says renowned extensionist and creative director, Inanch Emir.

Lockdown measures have started to ease, which means long-awaited hair appointments are back in the diary. With ongoing safety measures in place, the salon experience is still going to feel a little different – but who says that is a bad thing?

Hair salons, along with other businesses in the personal care sector, are set to reopen in England on Monday 12th April with strict safety measures in place. However, Inanch Emir, Creative Director of Inanch in London, is remaining positive about these changes and celebrating the new-look salon experience.

Here, Inanch explains what clients can expect from their post-lockdown appointments this April, and what she has learned about the salon experience over the last 12 months.

01. Private appointments have been welcomed – and are here to stay

Social distancing is ongoing for salons, which means less people allowed on the premises at any one time. Inanch and her clients have embraced this intimacy, and plan to continue offering a quieter, more private salon experience:

COVID-19 safety measures – such as having fewer people in the salon at any one time and the addition of extra screens – have led to increasingly private appointments for guests. As a business with many high-profile clients, that provides world-renowned hair extension and hair replacement services, we have always been very discrete. However, our clients have loved the more personalised experience that comes with a quieter salon and the increased privacy they can enjoy. As a result, we are planning to keep the salon like this long term.

02. Salons are a healthy, safe environment for both clients and staff

Exacting hygiene has always been important for Inanch, but with cleanliness and safety now at the forefront of everybody’s mind, it is time to promote and celebrate the high standards that have always been integral to the business:

The safety of our customers and our team has always been our top priority and our hygiene standards have always been extremely high. We are proud to hold a five-star Good Salon Guide rating for Salon Cleanliness and Hygiene and, since July, we have been taking every single possible measure to operate in a safe, socially distanced manner. When we reopen, we will continue to maintain the same COVID-19 secure measures that keep our clients and team safe.

While hygiene comes as standard for premium salons like Inanch, much of the work has previously occurred behind the scenes. It is now time to put safety centre stage and remind clients just how much attention goes into each step of the salon journey:

All hairstylists will be wearing full PPE and styling positions will be fully disinfected after each client using our new UV steriliser units. Clients will be asked to wear face coverings, and we have also invested in mobile phone steriliser units for each station for clients to use. Coats and outerwear will be placed in disposable polythene covers to avoid contamination and we have also replaced traditional towels with biodegradable disposable towels, which are the most hygienic option.

03. Hairdressers are in the headlines – and we love it!

Hairdressing has never received so much attention and – along with pubs – hair and beauty salons have perhaps been the most-missed businesses during lockdown. The feelgood factor that comes with a great hair appointment (not to mention the physical contact, the friendly face, and the safe space to talk) cannot be replicated with colour from a box or a dodgy DIY cut. The love that has been felt for the hairdressing industry has been unprecedented and means the return to the salon is set to be an unforgettably positive experience:

On behalf of all at Inanch, and the wider hairdressing industry, we cannot thank our clients enough for the unprecedented support you have given us over the past year. Who knew hairdressers could rack up so many column inches! Now, it is our turn to give you and your hair some long-awaited love. Our promise is we will still talk about the important things during appointments, share and laugh as we always do – and that you will look and feel amazing when you leave our salon.

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