Blue Beauty: The New Sustainable Beauty Movement

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Blue Beauty: this sustainable beauty movement is all in the name, blue for beauty that cares for the ocean with a very focussed agenda and goal.

With statistics of a dump truck of plastic entering our ocean every minute and eye-opening documentary Seaspiracy on Netflix, it is now more clear than ever that human behaviour is having an enormous impact on our sea-life.

But do not think that blue beauty is just ocean-friendly, as there is far more to it than that. Blue beauty is about being sustainably sourced, minimising carbon footprint, and looking at ways that brands have a positive effect on the environment by giving back to the natural world.

Another important aspect of blue beauty is to look at packaging. So much beauty packaging is not recyclable, and so it is important to look at products where the packaging is refillable, made from recycled materials, or can be reused for another purpose.

Both green and blue beauty play important roles in the path towards a more ethical world. Where green beauty focuses on clean and sustainably sourced ingredients, blue beauty focuses on the impact that packaging has on our oceans, as well as water wastage, and limiting the damage we cause to sea-life. As consumers, it is important we give love and money to brands that support both movements, as it will all have a positive effect on our environment.

Small changes you can take to help the environment:
  • Look for refill options with your favourite products.
  • Recycle all parts of your packaging if you can.
  • Look for brands that use PCR (post-consumer plastics) in their packaging. PCR means that no new plastic has been produced.
  • Get creative with your pots and tubs if they are not recyclable, such as use them to hold loose change or plant herbs in them – let your imagination run wild.
  • Change your sun cream to an ocean-friendly one, so make sure it does not contain Oxybenzone or Octinoxate, which both harm coral reefs.
  • For more information on Blue Beauty and to browse products making waves in the movement, head to - created by Blue Beauty movement founder, Jeannie Jarnot.

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