Don’t Skip the Cut!

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As the weather heats up, your hair naturally gets dry and thirsty, meaning your ends will be more likely to split! So, we caught up with the team at M-A Hairdressing to get the lowdown on the importance of a good haircut…

As you may know, split ends can make your hair not only look damaged and frizzy but can compromise the whole hair. At M-A salons we always recommend getting regular haircuts to maintain your hair's health during any season, but we find it is most important during the summer and winter months!

Cutting your hair consistently can also help with any product build-up and heat damage – getting rid of the unhealthy strands to make way for your new moisturised hair.

At M-A Hairdressing we offer our Sebatian Hydre Alchemist Treatment combined with NO.Breaker; our reconstructive hybrid treatment that helps to quench your hair’s thirst. Pop in anytime to have a chat to one of our stylists to see how we can help with your hair's needs.

It is never a bad idea to keep an eye on your hair’s health to keep it looking polished!

M-A Hairdressing’s recommended haircut time frames:
  • Short Hair - 4/6 Weeks
  • Medium Hair - 6 Weeks  
  • Long Hair - 6 Weeks
  • Curly Hair - 5/6 Weeks
  • Men’s Hair - 2/4 Weeks  


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