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Not only were ghd killing it at this year's New York Fashion Week, but they were also on hand to style three mega stars for the 61st Annual Grammy Awards, Jennifer Lopez styled by Chris Appleton, Lady Gaga by Frederic Aspiras, and Kylie Jenner by Cesar Ramirez.

See how to get the looks right here!

Jennifer Lopez by celebrity hairstylist, Chris Appleton
Get the look:
  1. When the hair was wet, I dried it straight with the ghd air hairdryer. Then I took sections of JLo's hair and curled it with the ghd curve soft curl tong.
  2. Once the hair cooled, I used the ghd air hairdryer and the ghd natural bristle radial brush size 4 to smooth the hair and create a luxurious wave. I then tied her hair into a ponytail and wrapped a piece of hair around the band.
  3. To finish the look, I spritzed hairspray to stick down any flyaways and make the hair appear healthy and glossy. We placed the hat on and the look was complete!
Hero products
  • ghd air hairdryer (£99)
  • ghd curve soft curl tong (£120)
  • ghd natural bristle radial brush size 4 (£20)


Lady Gaga by celebrity hairstylist, Frederic Aspiras
Get the look:

Inspired by the 'Rock Star' culture and the character Ally from the movie, A Star is Born, we opted for a more lived-in look with lots of texture while keeping the hair healthy and soft. I also experimented with two types of waves to give a more signature look. - Frederic Aspiras

  1. First, apply heat protectant to the hair and brush using the ghd detangling comb to evenly distribute the product to each section. Section hair into four sections.
  2. Next, I grabbed my ghd air hairdryer and ghd paddle brush to blow-dry the hair downwards, leaving minimal volume at the root.
  3. Then I created two types of waves/curl by using two different irons. The first iron I used was the ghd platinum+ styler to create wide flat ‘S’ waves throughout the hair. I then used the ghd curve soft curl tong to ‘curl and slide’ the hair to create a different type of wave/curl. The two textures of waves/curls gave it a more natural, ‘lived in’ look.
  4. After, I spritzed texturizing spray all over the hair while shaking out the waves with my fingers. Finish the look by running oil through the ends of the hair and leaving the rest untouched to maintain all of the texture.
Hero products
  • ghd platinum+ styler (£175)
  • ghd air hairdryer (£99)
  • ghd curve soft curl tong (£120)
  • ghd detangling comb (£7.50)
  • ghd paddle brush (£20)


Kylie Jenner by celebrity hairstylist, Cesar Ramirez
Get the look:

My goal for any carpet look is to always compliment the outfit. The hair should always complete the picture, not over power it. Since Kylie was wearing couture Balmain, I felt that something up, soft and romantic would be perfect. - Cesar Ramirez

  1. I started on dry clean hair and sprayed heat protectant from roots to ends.
  2. I then used my ghd curve soft curl tong to create a very soft natural wave.
  3. Once I had the texture I wanted, I then spritzed texturizing spray into Kylie’s roots to add grip and texture.
  4. I then sectioned her hair into a deep side parting and added a small dollop of conditioner.
  5. Then I used my ghd air hairdryer and gently dried the hair back off her face using my fingers.
  6. Once dried, I created three sections of the hair. First I pinned the top middle section back. Then I crossed the left side over the middle and then the right side over both sections and pinned. This created an intricate ‘crisscross’ twist.
  7. To finish I pulled out a few strands around the face and sprayed with hairspray for hold.
Hero products:
  • ghd air hairdryer (£99)
  • ghd curve soft curl tong (£120)

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