How to Choose the Right Eyebrow Colour

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Mid-brown, light brown, ash brown, dark blonde – the choices for eyebrow colours can be a minefield to most, especially when it comes to choosing the correct shade for you.

To help you out, we have compiled some of our best tips on how to choose your most complimentary brow colour…

Hair colour and skin tone

We are sure you have seen the catwalk look of dark, bold eyebrows, how couldn’t you, it has been ‘thee’ look in recent years. But, bold, thick eyebrows do not suit everyone, and so it is important that you stick to what suits you instead of the latest trend off the runway.

When selecting the right brow colour, you need to take stock of your hair colour and skin tone. Some makeup artists even suggest looking at your natural root colour if you dye your hair. Look at your hair’s texture too. For example, those with naturally dark and dense hair will likely be a better fit for equally dark and dense eyebrows. Folks with lighter or finer hair, on the other hand, might feel a ‘rich, dense’ brow in a lighter tone looks best. Facial structure can also play a part. For example, if you have a smaller forehead then you will want a softer brow.

Go slightly lighter

So, you have looked at your hair colour, skin tone, hair texture, and facial structure, now you need to select the product. The ideal colour should mimic the shadow that your eyebrows already create. For example, the goal is not to find brow makeup that exactly matches the brow hair; the goal is to mimic the colour of the shadow-cast skin that lies between each of your brow hairs.

Go for neutral or cool tones

The fairer your skin, the less warm you want your brows to be. If you have more yellow in your skin tone, then you want a brow colour that adds a touch of warmth. As a rule, eyebrow colours usually always look best on the cooler side – so without red or orange pigments to them.  

To sum up, the ideal brow shade is one that is slightly lighter and slightly cooler than the colour of your natural eyebrow hairs. For those with dense, dark brows, you will have more leeway to apply more product. But for those on the sparse side, you need to apply smaller amounts until you achieve your desired look.

Image: by Ashley Gamble

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