Let’s Talk About Ammonia-Free Colour with Tara Rose Salon

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Hair colouring is much more than you may think and figuring out the difference between colouring options can be puzzling.

Most people are under the impression that all hair colours are bad for their hair. Now with Schwarzkopf Essensity, we can colour your hair to your heart’s desire without worrying about any damage or effects.

So, what is Ammonia?

Colouring hair is a process that happens via a chemical reaction and ammonia opens the hair cuticle (the outer layer of your hair). When the hair is swollen it becomes more absorbent which allows it to soak in the dye.

For our clients who are interested in changing their looks but are concerned about harsh chemical odours from hair bleaches, you can try an ammonia-free alternative.

Ammonia-free hair colour is an extra cost to every colour service, but if you think of it as an investment in your hair health, it is worth it in our honest opinion.

Ready to find your new look with a beautiful new colour? Contact Tara Rose Salon Group in Abu Dhabi today via the Good Salon Guide website. Search and colour yourself happy and healthy!

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