Lilac Haze at the BAFTA

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2019 BAFTA EE Rising Star nominee, Cynthia Erivo rocked the red carpet in a haze of lilac - including her lilac braids courtesy of award-winning hairdresser Lisa Farrall and Fudge Professional Paintbox Lilac Frost, complementing her Vera Wang dress just perfectly. Lisa also accessorised Cynthia’s look with the new Kela Head Crown.

For this look I wanted to transform Cynthia into a regal mermaid and it’s all about the detailing on this. Detailed cornrows on top of the head cascading down to individual embellished braids make up this look. I wanted to create a look from every angle, on the left you have fish tail braids and Kela charm jewels encased in the braids with a detailed curl pattern, and on the right you have an embellished cascade of Kela charm pearls. The colour was Fudge Professional Paintbox in Frosted Lilac, which Cynthia makes pop with her amazing skin tone. The hair colour ties in with the make-up and dress for a perfect combination of colour coordination. Cynthia completely owns this look and I love working with her creative vision, she’s a true artist. - Lisa Farrall

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