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As we settle into what has become 'the new normal' with a renewed focus on innovation, inspiration and creativity, Schwarzkopf Professional's Essential Looks team have been busy defining the trends that kick off 2021 as the year of colour… Welcome to the Royal Glory Collection.

We’ve often celebrated the power of collaborations – creatively greater than the sum of their parts. So, we are delighted to co-author this issue of Essential Looks with our flagship colour brand, IGORA ROYAL. With over 120 beautiful shades and some of the world’s most exciting formulas, this year you will see an even deeper focus on colour. We have mined the universal zeitgeist and the global state of mind and identified three trends marrying nostalgia, inspiration and newness. - International Creative Director for Schwarzkopf Professional, Simon Ellis

The Royal Glory Collection from Essential Looks

Inspired by fashion weeks across the globe and then distilled into relevant salon looks, the Essential Looks Royal Glory Collection from Schwarzkopf Professional celebrates the transformative power of colour within every trend: Magical Whimsy, Back to Classics, and Artful Feeling.

Joining Schwarzkopf Professional's renowned line-up of Global Ambassadors: Tyler Johnston, Lesley Jennison and Edoardo Paludo – and Schwarzkopf Professional’s partner Jack Howard - this season also welcomes new talent to the Essential Looks team: creative icon Randolph Gray, Schwarzkopf Professional stalwart Viola Landsky, and colour powerhouses Shy + Flo. Together, this team of hair artists are taking the hairdressing community on a creative journey during a time when we are all less likely to leave our everyday behind.

Trend one: Magical Whimsy

Whimsy comes in unexpected contrasts, extreme proportions, and dramatic silhouettes. There is a costume-like feel here, but it looks always forward, never back, with a fresh, modern ethos; vintage shapes accentuated by short, sharp, edgy cuts in cool shades of blonde. It is all drama, power, and strength with a twist of perfect imperfection.

Magical Whimsy Catwalk Look: Zuzanna
  • Cut by Global Ambassador, Tyler Johnston
  • Colour by IGORA ROYAL Colourist, Viola Landsky

After a sharp, short cut by Tyler Johnston it was time for a symphony of IGORA ROYAL shades to take centre stage.

For this cut, I took my inspiration from Jean Seberg and Tilda Swinton. I knew Zuzanna would suit a shorter cut, her features are so strong and angular. – Global Ambassador, Tyler Johnston

Starting with a blonde base, Viola Landsky used the #triangularplacement technique to overlay powdery tones applying shades of silver, lilac and pale blonde that just melt into each other – you cannot tell where one shade ends, and another begins. Creating a beautiful high-shine look with iridescent, pastel-y depths and movement.

IGORA ROYAL’s amazing Highlift shades can create this kind of blonde without bleach! – IGORA ROYAL Colourist, Viola Landsky

Magical Whimsy Salon Look: Anna
  • Cut by Global Ambassador, Tyler Johnston
  • Colour by Global Colour Ambassador, Lesley Jennison

Tyler Johnston works his magic to cut a modern A-line bob with subtle graduation before hidden depths of cool colour are added to the mix.

Cendré and ash colours come alive in this look, with a serving of soft, muted peach tones layered underneath pastel lilacs. Applied freehand, Lesley Jennison used the #faceframing technique to create a silvery face-frame at the front, adding a real twist of the unexpected.

I love the contrast of these colours, almost graduated stripes but the shades are so tonal, and they are kind of backlit and the joins feel really soft. I think they work especially well on Tyler’s perfectly cut bob. – Global Colour Ambassador, Lesley Jennison

Trend two: Back to Classics

There is a whole #newfemininity on the runway, rooted in classicism and a love for simplicity, poise and modernism. Today's take on a trajectory that began with Dior's fabled New Look embraces an understated confidence, effortless-yet-groomed, unapologetically assured, with beautifully cut, shiny, sleek hair in ombré shades of soft, natural, and opulent chocolate.

Back to Classics Catwalk Look: Lida
  • Cut by Global Ambassador, Tyler Johnston
  • Colour by Global Colour Ambassador, Lesley Jennison

Brunette colour is always sophisticated, but this look showcases its true versatility thanks to a contemporary, sleek twist on the mop-top look – cut by Tyler Johnston to highlight the fine colour detail.

Using precision foiling, this look brings together a family of #colourcontrasts created by Lesley Jennison. Expect graduated shades of chocolate – richer and deeper front and back – with caramel toned panels against cool lilac slicks that are in gorgeous contrast to the warm tones. The result? A multifaceted brunette look that has so much more to say.

I always love to mix cool with warm shades. – Global Colour Ambassador, Lesley Jennison

Back to Classics Salon Look 1: Tilila
  • Cut by Global Ambassador Tyler Johnston
  • Colour by IGORA ROYAL Colourist Randolph Gray

If anybody needed proof that long, straight brown hair could be multi-dimensional, super shiny and utterly sensational, this is it.

Using a classic #toneontonefoils technique, IGORA ROYAL Colourist Randolph Gray crafts a rich, dark chocolate base sliced with subtle shades of copper for a waterfall of rich warm brown, shimmering with soft pink hues. This is a modern tone-on-tone colour look that feels like high-shine, just-poured chocolate – shimmering in and out of sight with every movement – it is all beautifully smooth and sleek with hidden depths of light and shade.

Back to Classics Salon Look 2: Chin Chin
  • Cut by Global Ambassador, Tyler Johnston
  • Colour by Jack Howard

After cutting a layered shoulder length look, Tyler Johnston finishes with a totally modern blow out that adds beautifully bouncy movement and texture; the perfect way to showcase carefully placed colour nuances.

This is a colour story that is subtle, but oh so impactful. Using natural and beige tones enhanced with hues of pink, Schwarzkopf Professional’s partner, Jack Howard added depths and lights into the hair using the #colourgrading technique to create a feeling of texture.

This look is a modern twist on colour melt, so you get gradations of cool to pink shades for a seamless finish – the secret is in the placement. - Jack Howard

Trend three: Artful Feeling
  • Cut by Global Ambassador, Tyler Johnston
  • Colour by Global Colour Ambassador, Lesley Jennison

Wearing creativity on our sleeve we shift towards handcrafting and inky techniques in fragile florals that speak more to texture and embellishment than straightforward print. It is a freestyle, dreamily abstract spirit that celebrates the artisan. Artful Feeling chooses one-offs over mass produced, hand over machine, and is all about the individual and self-expression. For the hair, curls and volume abound in softly shifting shades of red, gold and beige.

Artful Feeling Catwalk Look: Anna Clara

With an edgy finish to the chin-length cut, Tyler Johnston adds dramatic styling with crimped sections that add texture to emphasise an eye-catching expression of colour.

This look is all about blending beautiful coppers with pink-reds and violets. Hand-applied with the Color Blender Tool, using the #colourblending technique, Lesley Jennison pre-lightened with the IGORA ROYAL Pastelfier rather than bleach, and result is soft and organic – it is hard to tell where one shade ends, and another begins.

Artful Feeling Salon Look 1: Marla
  • Cut by Global Editorial Ambassador, Tyler Johnston
  • Colour by Global Colour Ambassador, Edoardo Paludo

With curly hair this gorgeous, Tyler Johnston simply trimmed and teased to build healthy shape throughout.

Big curly reds are rare, so Edoardo Paludo wanted to give this look impact but also use soft techniques to blend the pinks, reds and coppers and create light and shade in the process. Hair was divided into several little ponytails, then the colour was applied using a #multitonefoiling technique all over, as shade after shade pulled through the tones to create a look with real highs and lows.

For me, colour works when hair moves. – Global Colour Ambassador, Edoardo Paludo

Artful Feeling Salon Look 2: Alex
  • Cut by Global Ambassador, Tyler Johnston
  • Colour by IGORA ROYAL Colourists Shy + Flo Knittel

This look is a celebration of creativity inspired by tie-dye; choose unique, dream in art with reinvention every day.

Shy + Flo coloured all over in shades of gold before using a #colourtwist technique where hair is knotted then painted with little flicks of bleach over the knots, with a striking green Chroma ID tone added on top to lift and transform the global golden hue.

For us, creativity always rules – IGORA ROYAL Colourists, Shy + Flo Knittel

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